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Wall Decals for Home Office during Covid-19

Wall Decals for Home Office during Covid-19

Wall Decals for Home Office during Covid-19

Are you adjusting to working from your home and tired of Zoom backgrounds that look fake and make your head look funny like it’s cut out of a paper. Why not consider decorating your office background instead? You could use wallpaper or paintings or posters. But we think a better option is to consider wall decals for your home office. Here are some ideas:

Favorite Quote

One option is to have a wall decal of your favorite quote, idea, or saying. You could choose an inspirational or motivational wall decal.  For example, here is one that I love that is a “think outside the box” wall decal. 


Video conferencing to chat with friends, relatives and co-workers? You may be interested in showing your allegiance to your favorite team by adding their logo to your background:

Or maybe you are missing a feeling of being at the stadium?



Are you a geek or tech savvy person? Add some large tech shapes, circuit shaped abstract lines and circles to your background from our technology wall decals collection. Your office zoom background will be technically awesome!


Put the joy back in your video conferencing with some yummy food wall decals background that will make your co-workers hungry. Or maybe you want  your colleagues to remember that you are the one who brings the best cookies, waffles and donuts, who has the most amazing roast chicken recipe, and who always knows the hot new restaurant? These mouth watering designs will have your coworkers's stomachs growling when they see your office wall decor.

Interior design and urban views 

Missing the view of the office building, brassy pad with lots of light? Or maybe you want your colleagues to think that you are joining from the library? Just decorate your home office with urban wall decals. You can choose fantastic city landscapes such as a Brooklyn Bridge Wall Decal or a Golden Gate Bridge Wall Decal.


You are not a fan of anything particular in your background? Or words like cubism, avant-garde, abstraction, futurism, realism mean a lot to you? Then choose something out of bright and artistic wall decals for your home office.


Design and geometric patterns

Geometric prints are taking over the design world. Geometric wall decals give a chance to playfully break design rules; they incorporate several bold colors and embrace asymmetry. 


Approach your next Zoom meeting or video conference with a laid back attitude... It takes a little while to get adjusted to working from home - just like how it takes a little bit to get comfortable in a hammock. There are some great wall decals of nature settings that can be found.

Keep your social distance from the remote lighthouse or bring back those warm, slushy days in the mountains or by a fireplace by adding these nature wall decals.


We hope these ideas inspired you to change the background at your home office and you have already chosen a background that will be louder than any words. No doubt these will be better than any zoom backgrounds that are just images and make your head look funny. Wall decals are the best way to spruce up your home office and add personality to your zoom conference calls!