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Installation Tips

Wall Decal Installation Tips and Tricks

Wall decals are super easy to install and can often be applied in just minutes. 

Easy 3 Step Process


    • 1. Peel a portion of the wall decal from the backing


    • 2. Place decal on the wall starting with one corner or side in the proper position on the wall


  • 3. Slowly smooth the rest of the wall decal by applying pressure with your hand and pressing firmly down in a smooth motion. A squeegee or other flexible flat surface can be used to help remove any air pockets and ensure the decal is adhered.

Here are some additional tips to ensure proper installation of your wall decals. 

Ensure Smooth & Clean Surfaces

While most wall decals can be applied to any surface they tend to stick best to smooth walls. Walls with texture may be more difficult but can be often be done by taking extra care to ensure a good seal. Also, try to ensure that your walls are clean before applying. This can be done by wiping the walls with a slightly damp washcloth. We recommend using a circular motion and to focus on the area where the wall decals will be placed. Please make sure to wait until the walls are dry before applying.

Work as a Team

We recommend that you have at least two people to make it easier if the decals are larger than 3 feet in any dimension. It helps to have one person to hold the decal while the other person carefully applies and smooths out the decal to ensure there are no creases or bubbles. Smaller decals can be applied with only one person.

Removing or Reapplying

Did you rush and your wall decal does not look quite right? Perhaps you have a small air bubble or a crease in it? Well don’t despair because you can simply remove and reapply it! In fact you can do this numerous times as long as the walls are clean and completely dry. Freshly painted walls must absolutely be cured completely before applying the decals. This usually will take a minimum of two weeks. Make sure to peel off the decal gently from a corner by hand. If you are having difficulties, you can blow dry the decal to allow the decal to loosen and more easily peel off.

Ongoing Care and Maintenance

Wall decals can last for years if not decades if the proper care and maintenance is given. We suggest cleaning on a monthly basis to remove dust and dirt. Just use a standard window cleaner such as Windex or a mild mixture of soap and water and apply it to a soft cotton towel or rag. Make sure to thoroughly clean the outer portion of the wall decal. Finally, wipe dry with a clean cloth. You will be able to enjoy your wall decal for years to come.