Baby Elephant Chalkboard Wall Decal

Now here's an elephant who won't forget to remind you to buy peanuts for next week's field trip to the zoo. You will find this removable, reusable elephant chalkboard especially helpful because it can migrate to wherever you need the most help remembering, without trampling the walls.

If your own little calf is busy building an animal community in his or her bedroom, this particular pachyderm is the ideal addition to a herd of chalkboard animals waiting for an oversized friend who‰۪s good at remembering birthdays and what week the circus will be in town. The Elephant Wall Decal measures 24.5" x 38". It includes the following:

  • 1 Elephant Chalkboard
  • 21 chalkboard birds
  • 20 chalkboard water drops
  • Chalk included

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