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Butterflies Wall Decal

$ 38.99

Bring the outdoors into your home with the Butterflies Fabric Wall Decal. Who doesn't appreciate the beauty of butterflies in pink, yellow, and blue? The Butterflies Wall Decal features butterflies, bumble bees, dragon flies, ladybugs, and a variety of flowers.åÊDecorate per the included instructions or simply mix and match as you desire. You can even have the ladybugs climbing on the stem of the flowers. Oh so cute!

This modern wall decal is manufactured in the U.S.A. from adhesive fabric instead of traditional vinyl. So it doesn't have any harsh chemical smells and is non-toxic and totally safe for children. Fabric wall decals will not wrinkle or rip like vinyl wall decals and can stick on any non-porous flat surface. Also, they are removable and can be repositioned if needed. If you run into any issues you can run these fabric wall decals under running water and once dry they can be applied just like new. Feel the difference with fabric wall decals.

The Butterflies Fabric Wall Decal includes the following:

  • 3 butterflies
  • 3 ladybugs
  • 2 dragonflies
  • 2 bees
  • 5 flowers with stems and leaves