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French Bull Princess Wall Decal

$ 47.99

Does your daughter love princesses? Then this French Bull Princess Wall Decal is a great choice to help add some magic to her bedroom. It is also perfect in nurseries for your newborn princess.

To create a princess and her pastoral kingdom just peel and stick. You can arrange and rearrange each repositionable wall sticker to create a uniquely splendid land with starry skies, lush flower fields, hilltops, and clouds and stars. It even includes a regal castle for her to live in.

Don't worry if you decide you need to relocate your royal princess realm. This Princess Wall Decals kit is easily removable and can be reused. Just remove carefully and reapply. It is safe for all walls.

What is included in the Princess Wall Decal kit:

  • 4 princesses (each 7" tall)
  • 7 clouds (smallest is 8")
  • 3 hilly meadows
  • 11 patches of grass
  • 35 flowers
  • 23 stars
  • 5 trees
  • 7 flowing

These wall decals are BPA and phthalate free.åÊEach peel-and-stick wall decal is removable and reusable.