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Garden Wall Decal

$ 35.99

Add the beauty of an outdoor garden to your home with the Garden Fabric Wall Decal. Flowers and birds are part of the beauty with colorful patterns to decorate your child's bedroom. Some assembly is required so you can choose where the 4 different birds perch (or fly). An assortment of beautiful tulips, roses, and other flowers complete the set.

This modern wall decal is manufactured in the U.S.A. from adhesive fabric instead of traditional vinyl. So it doesn't have any harsh chemical smells and is non-toxic and totally safe for children. Fabric wall decals will not wrinkle or rip like vinyl wall decals and can stick on any non-porous flat surface. Also, they are removable, can be repositioned if needed, and will not leave a sticky residue.

If you run into any issues you can run these fabric wall decals under running water and once dry they can be applied just like new. Feel the difference with fabric wall decals.

The Garden Fabric Wall Decal includes the following

  • 4 birds
  • 15 flowers
  • 32 leaves
  • Stems of various lengths