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Removable Custom Decals - Personalized Stickers - CREATE YOUR OWN Personalized Custom Quote Wall Decals or Lyrics Wall Decal Vinyl Material or!

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Brand: WallDecalsAndArt

Color: Custom


  • CUSTOM WALL DECALS - MADE IN USA We are family-owned and take pride in what we manufacture.
  • AMAZING! OUTSTANDING! FABULOUS!: How COOL is this! YOU get to create your own CUSTOM decal - the possibilities are endless. The wall decal can be funny quotes, family quotes, famous quotes, life quotes, sayings, a cute nursery rhyme quote, an alphabet wall decal, Dr Seuss wall decal, movie quotes, song lyrics or music lyric from favorite artists like Bruno Mars, Eminem or Bob Marley. The decal looks like stenciled wall decor - friends will did you paint such straight lines?
  • NO MORE TEARS FROM FRUSTRATION DURING INSTALLATION: PDF instructions are included for this decal by email and in the description below. These wall decals can be placed anywhere there is a smooth surface & are easy to remove.
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Binding: Kitchen

Details: Proudly made in the United States of America. This kids-bedroom-decor displays:any QUOTE or SAYING you WANT and tons of colors to choose from Approximate Decal Size: 24" wide (61 cm) (Please note that the pictures shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not precisely represent actual decal size.) Join the hot trend in home decor using vinyl wall decals, quotes, phrases or designs to decorate the childs bedrooms and walls in your home, office or any other place where you want to add a special and unique decorative touch. Installation: Just follow these 5 simple steps. ➊ Find a smooth surface to place your decal. ➋ Simply clean the area where you want it. Using a damp cloth to remove dust and ensuring the wall is clean. ➌ Allow the wall to dry and now it's time to apply. This will make sure you have the best stick for your wall decal. ➍ Peel off the backing and place it on the wall. Starting from one edge, smooth out with either a credit card,drivers license, or anything with a hard edge to help press out your vinyl and prevent bubbles. ➎ Enjoy your beautiful new vinyl wall decal. These decals are removable and they will never damage your walls. Make sure to check our Amazon store for more Vinyl Wall Decals

Package Dimensions: 24.0 x 3.0 x 3.0 inches