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THE NISHA Art Magic 3D Vinyl Removable Wall Sticker Decals DIY, Set of 4, Green and Brown Plants 420

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Color: Green


  • BEAUTIFULLY DECORATE THE EASY WAY: This set of THE NISHA 3D ART is the perfect decorative do-it-yourself project to make your home stylish; coming with set of 4 by 12.50 X 12.50 inch each decals, they are easy to apply, clean, or remove without any damage to its surface; available in a lot of choices, they arrive with easy-to-understand detailed instructions;
  • DECORATIVE DESIGN CHOICES: Choose from Many of AMAZING models that simulate 3D Niches on the Wall, the exquisitely printed designs have stunning and colorful patterns that creatively add spark to any wall or surface; THE NISHA 3D ART are a Revolutionary Decorative Concept, Unique Worldwide Patented. a lifestyle brand established by designer Ilan Kaner; the past and future inspire her designs, and her target is to uplift the lifestyle of anyones surroundings with as little expense as possible;
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Made of a thin but durable vinyl, THE NISHA 3D ART will not rip, tear, or lift edges so will last a long time; they can be applied to any flat, clean surface such as ceramic, wood, glass, porcelain, or stone and is removable without damaging the application surface; these beautiful peel-and-stick stickers are water and oil proof plus environmentally safe;
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND CLEAN: Any do-it-yourself person can remove the paper backing that has a unique adhered glue and press it onto a clean, flat surface, eliminating any air bubbles or pockets; THE NISHA 3D ART can be cleaned with a damp cloth without removing its beautiful artistic designs, and the decals colors will not fade over time;
  • PROVEN QUALITY: We are confident that you will love our product so please contact us immediately with any questions or concerns; BUY WITH CONFIDENCE the Set of 4-Pack of THE NISHA 3D ART that comes in Many beautiful designs that fit any decorators tastes; redecorate and update your space by quickly applying these unique stickers.

Details: Product Info: Nisha stickers are a revolutionary decorative concept. Nisha is the only company in the world launching it. The wall sticker come in hundreds of various images and sizes, and can give a room the effect of a uniquely designed wall. Nisha wall stickers are suitable for nurseries, children's bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, restaurants, waiting rooms, offices, etc Brand New In package. 4 pcs 3D Nisha wall sticker in package. wall sticker size: 32cm x 32cm / 12.50” x 12.50” (Each) Package Weight: 320 gr / 0.70 lb Istractions: 1. Choose the wall according to our recommendation. 2. Draw a straight line with a pencil (a leveler or a measuring tape). 3. Gently peal the release paper off the back of the wall sticker, then attach the wall sticker exactly on the drawn line (by moving your hand left and right) from bottom to top. Make sure no air bubbles are caught between the wall and the wall sticker. 4. Erase the pencil marks. 5.Look from afar to see if you can tell this is not a real niche? ★★★ Only after putting the niche stickers on the wall, you can see the AMAZING 3D effect ★★★.

Package Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.6 x 0.2 inches